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ONE STOP Web Site Development and Maintenance:
The Easiest, Most Affordable Way to Manage Your Business Web Site

Maintaining, improving, or expanding a business web site can be expensive! Few of us can afford to pay top web designer rates to make minor changes whenever we want them.

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You could get a really expensive web site management system that allows you to do all the work yourself, but then you have to figure out how to do that and, honestly, we have several clients to pay us to manage their "do-it-yourself" sites because they are not as "user friendly" as they thought they would be.

What's the Alternative?

Let the ONE STOP team do the work that is too difficult or time consuming for you, at prices you can afford. We are experienced, professional, and fast!

Here a partial list of the most common services we offer. If you don't see your devilish task listed, just ask!

Simple Web Design/Maintenance

  • Create simple web pages with your logo and text.
  • Update web pages with your new content.
  • Create a mobile friendly version of your site.
  • For more advanced web design services, please click here .

Shopping Carts

  • We can recommend and install the best solution for you.
  • Add/modify items in your existing cart.
  • Quickly and easily install PayPal buttons.

Install Scripts

  • Create contact forms to decrease the amount of SPAM you receive.
  • Add newsletter subscription forms, email software and autoresponders.
  • Create subdomains and password protected directories.
  • Install database and full membership site scripts.


  • e-Publishing - Convert your ebook to e-pub formats suitable for Kindle and Nook or format your full size book to print on-demand.
  • Help you transfer your web site to a new host or domain registrar.
  • Walk you through the process of using common software like FTP or email list management software.
  • Resize and reformat photo files.
  • Create PDF files with your text and graphics.
  • Test the functionality of your web site to make sure everything works properly on another computer, browser or device.
  • And more!


All web site maintenance is billed on an hourly basis of $60 US per hour, saving you the cost burden of using a high-priced web designer for routine changes and improvements. Best of all, many of the tasks listed above can be completed in just one hour or less!

Don't be put off because you think your project is too big. Our team can usually accomplish web site work at least 5 times faster than "someone who's good with web sites", which means it will probably cost a lot less than you think!

Please contact us to discuss your project, request a free estimate, or schedule your work.

Payments are accepted by PayPal, Western Union, checks and money orders in US funds.

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