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We love helping people and we especially love it when our clients share their appreciation with
us in the form of a testimonial. Each one of the following is published here in it's entirety.
Please feel free to contact anyone on this list for a reference.
We are honored to post them.


"I now have a website because of Cathy…and not just any website, but a beautiful, instructive one that serves the needs of my business very well indeed. I am very, very grateful to Cathy, and I want to acknowledge her intelligence, creativity, focus, cheerful spirit, and yes, her patience and kindness. I can assure you Cathy will partner with you to spark and enhance your own creativity, and she will persevere with your project should the going get rough. Yes, my website is a reflection of her brilliant suggestions, designs, and marketing tips, and when all is said and done, Cathy ensured my successful launch into Cyberspace. Recently, a new client said to me, “When I checked out your website, I realized you were the one I wanted to work with.” Truthfully, does it get better than that?"

- Dr. Ron Burt

"Cathy, Carole and Zach did an excellent job with my web site for a very good price. I have used them since day one and have been for the last three years.  No job is too small or too big for them. I have complete faith in the ONE STOP team."

- Brandon Chase

"Thank You Cathy for creating a beautiful and harmonious Website for me to showcase my Mosaics and Glass Jewelry. The graphics, background colors, and fonts are clean and crisp. It is what I described and you created it, just as I thought it should be. My website is very professional and gives my artwork the crediblilty that I desired. It will only get better and better as we add more of my artwork!"

- Jessica Cherry

"Special Thanks to Cathy Wagner! Cathy saved a corrupted file for me over the weekend and set me up to avoid such tragedies in the future! She is a stress-buster!

"In the past Cathy helped me set-up of the Dog Caption's Affiliate Program. This project included copy-writing, editing, creating website pages, and a never ending amount of nit-node, devil-in-the-details, work.

"She is an excellent writer, an extremely creative "idea person" and a practical problem solver. If you are even thinking of doing a project, or launching a project or service, I'd recommend you book "brainstorm" time with her. You'll have more fun doing it and also save a ton of money by doing it right instead of doing it over and over to get it right."

- Viveca Stone-Berry

"We came to Cathy Wagner for SEO in a highly competitive market and started to see immediate results just one week after she optimized our main page. After six months of optimizing more and more pages, we placed on the first page of Google results for all of our chosen keywords. A year later, our position is still strong without any further expense. Thank you for your help!"

- Steve Voris

"I recommend Cathy Wagner and I appreciate the professional way she built and maintains my website and especially the thanks I receive when I recommend her services to my friends and colleagues. Thanks, Cathy.  You always do me proud."

- Dr. Donna Grace Noyes

"We have a lot of products and services, and we needed help to raise our search engine ranking. Cathy took it step by step and we saw improvement every month; now we are in the top results for every one of our keywords, just like she said we would. We don't even have to think about it anymore! Thanks, Cathy!"

- Ray Wise

"Cathy, the website looks beautiful . . . thank you so much for your time . . . I will certainly contact you in the future and will recommend you to anyone needing website design."

- Dennis Masback

"After hearing great things about Cathy's work I approached her for some marketing ideas for my website. The first thing she did was a thorough assessment of my site and presented some practical ideas to make it work better for me. In her expedient way, she added some very well-written, powerful text and other site enhancements. I'm thrilled with the result. Cathy is a pleasure to work with, flexible, efficient, and creative in her thinking."

- Barb Desmarais

"As a Concierge for Business I connect Users with Providers. My experience with Cathy Wagner's ONE Stop Internet Business Services is an example of a perfect connection. Cathy is my Web Administrator; however, she is much more than that. Over and above performing all of my web administration needs (with next to no training), she has also been a superior resource for layout of my site, writing, business consulting, etc.

"Cathy presents herself as a professional and consummately patient business woman. Her word is as good as gold, and she is a resourceful problem solver, I highly recommend ONE Stop Internet Business Services to ALL small business owners. Your life will become SO much easier and more productive."

- Christina Daly

"Often times finding an honest website promotion company to work with can prove to be a challenging task. That's why Cathy Wagner was such a rare find. She is honest, hardworking, reasonably priced and a real pleasure to work with. Cathy has been a terrific help with sites like my home improvement website about replacement windows, submitting many articles for me, taking the extra time to proofread, offer suggestions and follow up if any adjustment are needed.

"Thanks Cathy!"

- Gary Puckett

"I love working with Cathy. She has a way of taking my copy "gist" and turning it into marketing magic that really gets my message across. Her simplest changes have brought significant results in newsletter registrations and increased page views.

"I feel more confident pursuing new contacts and business opportunities with the improvements Cathy made to my website and my new product promotion pages. Plus her work frees me up to focus on what I do best - that really improves my financials! Too bad I didn't hire her five years ago ...!

"Thank you Cathy for being on my side - my team."

- Viveca Stone-Berry

"It's truly amazing how Cathy can take your words and thoughts and convert them into effective sales copy. I enjoy working with Cathy. Her experience and genuine desire to help people really shines through."

- K.C. Gagne
Website Solutions by Connecting Rainbows

"Cathy Wagner is a sharp minded, professional web designer and business writer. Offering a full range of services for a ONE STOP internet experience, she manages to provide knowledgeable, user-friendly help in time and on deadline."

"As a journalist and business owner, I depend on her unique ability to trouble shoot for my business, before my online problems become unmanageable."

- Diane Tegarden
FireWalker Publications

"Good business relies heavily on good service and Cathy exemplifies the term. You know she is there for you. I am grateful to have her on my "team"."

- Marilyn Jenett
Feel Free to Prosper

"I am so grateful for the day I met Cathy Wagner, everything around me has changed and all for the better since we connected and decided to partner our resources. Cathy has been unrelenting in her desire to help. And talk about Ad Tweaking talent! I'm not bad at writing, but I just write from my heart, I'm not writing to really capture my audience. I was amazed at how much more powerful my email letter was after Cathy did her magic! And what a difference it made in my response!

"Thanks Cathy, I look forward to our continued growth and prosperity as we combine our efforts to help more business people truly succeed online!

"We've proven and continue to prove that it CAN BE DONE!"

- Janet Legere
The Contact List Builder

"I find Cathy to be a respected professional and positive businessperson to deal with, accurate and quick to respond to questions. She deals with you honestly and her information is clear and of top quality. She helped me by guiding me on a business endeavor, and her instructions were right on! She gives information and advice freely and offers more than what is expected. I plan to keep Cathy on for further advising!"

- Luisa Salcedo

"Cathy Wagner is the genuine article - articulate, informed, professional, generous and on the money when it comes to providing top-notch advice for your business concerns. Cathy really cares about your business and it's success, not just how it relates to maintaining her own. She has given away more information in the time I've known her than some companies provide as part of their intial fee'd package and consistantly provides clear, accurate and valuable advice every time."

- Soni Pitts

"I just want to recommend Cathy Wagner in the highest terms possible. She has helped me with several techno-glitches I've had and "issues" to my getting the word out about some of the things I'm doing. Cathy is sharp, on the ball, fast, speaks English rather than "Techno-geek" and is a dream to work with. I recommend her highly for pretty much anything she does.

"Plus she doesn't charge an arm and a leg for what she does."

- Denise Michaels
Author, "Testosterone-Free Marketing"

"I spent a very profitable hour last Saturday, chatting with Cathy about why my Web site just doesn't "click" and what I can do about it. Cathy helped me realize that a partial makeover would help the site focus on items that would attract more attention and sell better.

"Thanks, Cathy, for helping me see what needs to be done. The few hours spent working on my site should pay off quickly -- and profitably!"

- Susan Ross Moore

"I've chatted often with Cathy Wagner, and she is very personable, helpful, professional, and available if you have any questions or need good quality advice about how make your promotions enjoyable and profitable. One Stop Internet Business seems, to me, to be (refreshingly) as concerned in my/your success as they are in their own."

- John L Barlow

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