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Optimizing your business web site for improved search engine placement can seem very complicated for most small business owners. Searching for a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist only makes it worse. There are so many people out there who think they have the best plan, but the only thing most of them have in common is a very high price tag!

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In our experience, just about every SEO specialist uses sneaky tactics to literally trick search engines into giving their clients' sites better position. This is a problem because search engines are on the lookout for tricks and if your site uses them, it can actually hurt your placement. Most often, whenever search engines update the system they use to determine placement (which they do regularly), many sites that paid a lot of money for top ten status suddenly find themselves way down in the ranks!

We don't use tricks and we never have. In fact, it's often quite frustrating watching other "SEO specialists" trick and lie to small business owners, just to line their own pockets. Whomever you use, don't let them submit your site automatically anywhere, automatic submissions have never helped anyone; on the contrary, they can get you labelled as a spammer!

Organic Search Engine Optimization

We have always employed what's called "organic" or "natural" search engine optimization. This is a very straight-forward, ethical approach designed only to let search engines know exactly what a web site is offering. It involves researching keywords, creating proper meta-tags (yes, we believe these are still important and have conducted research to prove it), and editing page titles and copy to insure all targeted keywords are included; that's it. It is very effective, and because we don't use any tricks, your search engine position will continue go up over time, long after we're gone.

Sounds simple, right? Actually, it is, but we still meet many online business owners who need help. Why? Because their web designer didn't give them any meta-tags at all, or their meta-tags target only the broadest keywords that have too much competition, or their web site copy does not include the specific keywords people are actually searching for.

What About Results?

We've worked on new and existing sites with no search engine presence whatsoever and had them listed within two weeks, without using any kind of formal submission process. In some cases our techniques have literally doubled search engine traffic in just two weeks. And, we have been able to achieve top placement for businesses in highly competitive markets in a matter of months.

While we can't guarantee top ten placement (no one can, honestly), we know our approach works and your site's ranking will only get better with time. There is absolutely no risk of losing ground with our organic SEO methods.

What About Cost?

We've done enough search engine optimization work by now to have it down to a science. We will review your web site, your market and your competition to determine your SEO needs. Then we will research the best keywords for your business web site and create description and keyword meta-tags. Once this is done, we'll install the new tags on your main page, edit your page titles to include your primary keywords and go over your copy to be sure all of the best keywords are included. Finally, we'll provide you with a detailed summary of what was done and why.

The total cost is $200 per page compared to the thousands of dollars many "SEO specialists" generally charge. Some sites, with relatively low competition, require SEO for their main page alone. Others, in more competitive markets, require more extensive optimization; in these cases, we like to spread out the optimization process by doing one or two pages per month to give you the maximum benefit. We also keep track of results to determine if more optimization or promition is necessary on a monthly or yearly basis. Please contact us directly to talk about your SEO needs.

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